Curriculum Vitae

My CV is available here.


  1. “On the singular locus of a plane projection of a complete intersection”, Mathematische Zeitschrift301 (2022), pages 3571–3607.
  2. (in collaboration with A. Esterov) “Signs of the Leading Coefficients of the Resultant”Geometric and Functional Analysis27:1 (2017), pages 33–66.


  1. (in collaboration with A. Esterov and E. Statnik) Sparse curve singularities, singular loci of resultants, and Vandermonde matrices, arXiv:2301.07001 [math.AG]
  2. “The Newton Polytope of the Morse Discriminant of a Univariate Polynomial”, arXiv:2104.05123 [math.AG] (submitted)